March 4, 2016


By Brendan Geary

I have been in a class with my best friend Kathy since first year in school. We both saw each other in maths class first thing in the morning. Kathy sat down on one of the chairs. She was very quiet and looked a small bit worried. We started talking and we got on great.

Soon we made other friends called Sammy and Joe. Sometimes the two girls would talk to each other about make-up and fashion so I would talk to Joe. There are times when we don’t talk to each other like if we have an argument but that usually doesn’t last very long. We give out about each other sometimes but we are such good friends that we don’t get angry about it. Kathy is very nice to be around. It’s not that easy to make Kathy laugh sometimes but I don’t give up until I hear her laugh. She tries to make the class and teacher laugh and I join in with her. She is great fun and cheers the class up every day.

Even the teachers laugh at Kathy’s jokes.

I remember when we went on a trip with Ms Smith. We went on a bus to the Donkey Sanctuary. We had a great day that day. We got to talk on the bus and listen to music. I can tell Kathy anything and know that she won’t make fun of me. I also trust her to keep my secrets. She is a very loyal friend. She always has my back. Ever since that day we are best friends.

Kathy is thirteen and loves smiling. Kathy’s eyes are diamond blue and her hair is blonde with gold streaks. She tells jokes and funny stories that she has heard. We text each other sometimes because I let her spend time with her other friends at school so we may not see each other every day. I don’t want to stop her having other friends. Kathy wears nice jumpers and ripped jeans. I see lots of people wearing this but Kathy has her own style. What I like about my friend Kathy the most is that she does not care what others think. I think Kathy has a nice voice. It is gentle and soft.

I have a nick name for the two of us together, spudy buddies. We have this nickname since the start of the year. I say it to Kathy because she says is annoys her but I think that she secretly likes it. She smiles when I say it. Kathy and I are close to each other we respect our friendship like when I am feeling down Kathy would ask me are you ok and I would do the same for Kathy. This is why Kathy and I are best friends.