March 4, 2016


By Kathy O’Brien

My uncle Jim was 67 years old when he died. I have a lot of memories of him. He was my daddy’s brother. He was my favourite uncle and also my godfather. He lived in Tralee right next to his son Mike’s house. He had grey hair. He drove a red ford van. He had two sons Mike and William. They both have children. Mike has six and William has one. He was the best man, uncle and friend that anyone could know. He was really fit until he got sick. He was on this machine that helped him to breathe. He used to smoke a lot near the machine. Before he got sick he used to love to go out walking. My sister and I used to go and visit him every weekend and we used to stay over too. I used to love to visit him. He was the best uncle.

Jim was neither tall nor small. He was average height. He had grey hair and wrinkles. He was very chesty and had a bad cough. When he got sick he found it very hard to walk. He got very wobbly and slow. I helped him to walk or else get into a car. I helped him a lot I loved him so much.

He always brought me and my cousin Candice to the playground when we were children. He would bring us everywhere we wanted to go because he was the best uncle. His wife Bridget cooked the dinner ironed the clothes and cleaned around the whole house. She was the best mother and wife I have ever seen. I am so lucky to have them as my Uncle and Aunty. His wife Bridget is still alive and she misses him so much. She moved over to Kent in England with her son mike and his wife and children. We went over to them in Christmas and the New Year. I really do feel so sorry for her as she misses him terribly.

R.I.P to the best man and uncle that ever stood in this world. I miss you so much my favourite Uncle Jim. I love and miss you so much and wish you were here with us xo.