Desmond College is an inclusive school which welcomes all students including those with additional educational needs, in so far as the school can fulfill the needs of the student. It is our objective, having regard to the efficient use of resources, to provide equality of access for all through the Continuum of Support model.

In advance, Parents/guardians of incoming students can provide comprehensive information to our Additional Needs Team, providing reports, exemptions to build a holistic profile of their child’s particular strengths and needs. We liaise with previous Primary schools to gather information to support each student with AEN.

All students are assessed to identify and build a comprehensive profile and a student support plan for those with needs. The means by which a student may be supported are;

  • Co-teaching,
  • Curricular Differentiation,
  • In-class support,
  • Small group learning support,
  • One-to-one support and/ or emotional, social or organisational support.    

Ongoing consultation with teachers and parents ensures a comfortable environment where learning takes place and self-esteem is enhanced.