Attendance and Punctuality

Students must attend all classes regularly.  A written explanation of each absence should be sent by parents / guardians to the school, using the School Journal.

Students who arrive late will be expected to be accompanied by a parent or it is expected that the parent will phone the school to explain the lateness. In this way we strive to encourage punctuality and responsibility in our students.

A record is kept of each late attendance in the School Journal.  Persistent offenders will serve detention.


Parents are reminded that they are obliged to provide a written note, or phone the School on the day of absence, to explain when their son / daughter has been absent.

The School Journal has detachable notes for this purpose.

Where applicable, parents should provide medical certification.

The H.S.C.L. co-ordinator will ring home when there has been a 2 day absence.  Under current legislation, the school authorities must inform the National Educational Welfare Board (Tusla) of students whose cumulative absence exceeds 20 days.

Desmond College / Gaelcholaiste Ui Chonba will write to parents prior to informing the NEWB (Tusla).