March 3, 2016


By Luke O’Connor

Someone special to me is my first cousin Siobhan McCarthy. She is twenty two years old. She is Irish American. My favourite time of year is Christmas because she comes home for the holidays. Siobhan lived in Austin, Texas but moved back to Dallas, Texas.

Siobhan is short and thin. She dyed her hair red but it faded back to brown. She has a fresh young face with freckles and the same colour eyes as me. Our eye colour is unusual because they are a green blue colour with specks of brown. Despite her age she loves Scooby Doo and other cartoons. She loves making videos and crafts. Her favourite shops are Forever 21, Walmart, Target, JD and Michael’s $1.00 store.

Her parents divorced when she was ten years old that’s why she comes home to Ireland every Christmas. Sometimes she even comes over for summer Holidays. We used to have a lot of fun and we still do but it’s different now that we are older. She changed when she turned eighteen. She shut all the younger cousins out of her room so she could be alone. She still does this sometimes. She isn’t the same girl I used to have pillow fights with.

She is the worst at babysitting when she is out with her friends. She is really rough with the younger kids. Once she put her two year old step brother in the dog’s cage and shook him inside it. She thought it was funny.

We still stay in contact through Viber but we only text each other every so often. The only time we get to spend some quality time together is when we go Christmas shopping and at special occasions like family weddings. She has a long term boyfriend. He is Mexican. He can’t come home with her so I have never met him.

Siobhan is a lot like me. We both talk to ourselves. She has often given me good advice like “be yourself and be unique ’’. She is funny in her own way. She likes to act out lines from recent movies like “ohhhh God that batch is burnt” from the new movie “Boss”. It’s really funny. The slightest stare from her would make you laugh until you can’t breathe. Sometimes she can go too far with her jokes and hurt people’s feelings. Siobhan is really good at languages. She speaks fluent Irish, Spanish and French. She is learning to speak Italian. She is a hard worker but loves to party until all hours of the night.

When I was five she filled my mouth with cream and shook me up and down until I could barely stand. Then she would slap my cheeks and the cream would go everywhere. She and I got in a lot of trouble when we were younger because she cut her own fringe and I copied her. We messed up our fringes. They were slanted and crooked. Our parents nearly killed us.

I love her because she understands everything about me like her parents divorced and my mam split up with my dad. We love dying our hair, cutting it ourselves and wearing odd socks. She is a geeky, nerdy girl and wants to work as a financial consultant. She can be annoying sometimes but I still love her.