March 3, 2016


By Alan Wallace

The person I am going to write about is my Grandad. Jack is 79 years old and he lives in Athea, just near where I live. He is my father’s dad. My grandad is a tall, thin man with grey hair and a wrinkled old tried face. He has a walking stick. He can’t run as he moves very slowly now that he is old. Grandad has a farm. He milks the cows every evening. He walks on the road when the weather is hot. He only goes for short walks as he gets tried easily.
Grandad and I watch soccer matches on TV like when Manchester United were playing Wolfsburg. The score was 3-2 to Wolfsburg. I really enjoy watching the match with Grandad. We chat about the match afterwards while having our dinner.

Sometimes I help Grandad with the shopping. He buys things like Telly Bingo Cards, a bottle of water, cabbage, sausages, Dairygold butter and milk. He loves playing telly bingo and hopes he wins a lot of money someday. Grandad used to help me with my homework when I was small. I do my homework by myself now as he can’t help me anymore. When I was reading The Field in class I told him all about it. He thought it was really funny.

Grandad has often told me funny stories about his animals. He brings the turf home from the bog in his tractor. We all love helping him as it is hard work. Grandad always tells me how good I am to help in the bog.

On Grandad’s last birthday we had a party for him. We all shared a birthday cake. Grandad came to my house for Christmas day and we all had great fun. I love Grandad because he is old, kind and funny. He is a hardworking farmer who is very kind to his animals. He is really generous and caring. He gives me a treat like chocolate buttons whenever I visit him.