July 3, 2023

Hi my name is Gavin and my favorite pastimes are playing Pool and Snooker. I compete regularly in local and national competitions. My best achievement to date would be being a part of the team that won the 2022 All Ireland U18s Pool Championships. The event was held in INEC arena Killarney and it was an atmosphere like no other.

For the event 48 tables were set up and players traveled from all over Ireland to compete. In total there were over 1000 players competing across 8 different events. Our final was played on Sunday evening where teammates and supporters from each county surrounded the table and were cheering on their players and this really added to the excitement. My second most memorable moment would be placing 11th on the Irish Men’s Intermediate Snooker tour at 16 years old. I am very proud of this achievement as I was only 16 years old competing against men in these competitions.

I love going to these tournaments as each time you are meeting new people and making friends and also playing in superb conditions all across Ireland. My favorite snooker club I played in would be The Ivy Rooms which was a snooker club based in Carlow. Upstairs was where they had 13 Snooker Tables where each game could be live streamed for others to watch. Then downstairs they had pool tables and a small shop to buy cold drinks or some hot food. Currently I am not competing in these national tournaments due to my Leaving Cert in June but I cannot wait to continue in September when the new season starts.