July 5, 2023

The Monday back right after our Pres a couple of us organized a trip to Limerick for our year. The day started off all of us buzzing, excited to get on the bus for the day out. Firstly we went to the Arena and played some minigolf, Ms O Mahony was having the time of her life showing off her skills. Along with a bunch of the others Ms Broderick was giving a fair go to the arcade punching bag too, total score of one closely beat by Kevin with a score in the nine hundreds.

To say the least we all had a great time with the arcade games (especially Ms O Mahony as she was going bankrupt attempting to win a teddy bear) and golf, then came a couple games of bowling. Strikes blown left and right and centre… well that was the intention anyways.

We went to the shopping centre afterwards, as all of us were starving for food. We couldn’t forget Eoghan’s birthday of course, and the best part of it all must have been singing happy birthday to him in the middle of the crescent when Niamh bought him a bun.

We all had a great time together and were glad to catch a break.

By Alzbeta Barisova