Desmond Factor : 2010-2011

There may well be a ‘recession’ but Desmond College students proved that there is absolutely no recession of talent or entertainment in our midst as on Friday 28th of January, glamorous and glitzy Desmond College students wowed a full to capacity crowd at the school during their annual talent fest.

The audience were treated to captivating performances in an array of talents from soloists, group singing, instrumental band playing, upbeat dance routines, hilarious drama sketches, expert French rapping and traditional bodhran playing.

The talented students displayed an abundance of skills and initiative that are testament to how their abilities can be fostered outside of the classroom.

The collaborative effort of many teachers in the school meant students were provided with mentoring and support behind the scenes and front of house which empowered their creativity.

The combination of teacher and student dedication and extra effort outside of classroom time were attested to by fine performances that would not be lost on any current TV talent show.

None more so than the polished MCs on the night, the ever capable Jessica Purcell and James Liston.


The unenviable task of judging fell to the three team judging panel with the following results:

OVERALL WINNER: soloist Laura Fitzpatrick

RUNNER UP: Gemma Lacey

ALTERNATIVE: James O’Connor on bodhran
RUNNER UP: Shannen White & Sinead Nix

JUNIOR SOLO: Rose Magner
RUNNER UP: Lorna Browne

GROUPS: Grainne and Gemma Buicke
RUNNER UP: The Splinters

DANCE: Effortless


All at Desmond College would like to congratulate all the young contestants on their pristine performances and all the staff that gave of their time freely to make this night possible. All can be safe in the knowledge that they all have the D-FACTOR!