The Guidance Service while working to the schools mission statement developed a simple statement relevant to their own specific needs that is “to help students make informed personal and career decisions, set realistic personal and career goals and develop the skills necessary to accomplish these goals. The service also offers students support in coping with personal problems or academic concerns”.

Desmond College Career Guidance: advice - tips - assistance - help - support - guidance


We offer a full range of interventions and activities which assist pupils to make choices about their lives. For second level pupils these choices are focused in a developmental way on three key areas:

  • personal;
  • educational;
  • career.



At the end of the school year students will have experienced:

• Guidance in educational and personal learning management.

• Vocational exploration and information.

• Individual and/or Group Counselling will have been available for all students on request and/or on referral.

• Students will have access to information which is appropriate for their personal, educational and vocational development.

• Parents will have met with the School Guidance Counsellors at Information evenings, parent-teacher meetings, at organised Guidance Meetings and on request.

• Students from disadvantaged backgrounds will be fully informed and supported throughout their schooling and in making decisions for their future.

• Students’ needs – with regards to the Guidance Counselling Service – will be evaluated, and in partnership with staff and the Principal/ School Management, planning for the future will be ongoing.

Core Activities of the Guidance Service

The Guidance Services core activities are:

1. Personal Counselling and Development

  • a. Promotion of self-development and self-awareness
  • b. Assertiveness
  • c. Team work
  • d. Communication
  • e. Informed Decision Making
  • f. Action Plans to achieve Objectives

2. Educational Guidance

  • a. Interests & Abilities
  • b. Study Skills
  • c. Time Management
  • d. Stress Management
  • e. Examination Preparation
  • f. Subject Choices and Combinations
  • g. Educational Links

3. Career Guidance

  • a. Career Planning – routes and paths
  • b. Career Development trends
  • c. Labour Market trends
  • d. Careers and Occupations
  • e. Third Level Colleges
  • f. PLC
  • g. Training / Apprenticeships etc
  • h. Sourcing Jobs
  • i. Curriculum Vitae
  • j. Interview Skills



Kerrie Collins Career and Guidance Counsellor
Vourneen Gavin-Barry Principal
Elizabeth Cregan Deputy Principal
Anne Hannon SEN Co-ordinator
Aisling Ryan SPHE Co-ordinator
Bernadine Enright HSCL