November 12, 2018

November 2018: Ronan Mullane in "The Times"

A 16-year-old schoolboy from Limerick has developed a device to help young rugby players to avoid getting injured during scrums.

Ronan Mullane, from Desmond College, Newcastlewest, said his team did not practise scrums in training despite them being a large part of matches. He came up with a piece of equipment shaped to match an opposing front row, complete with lights and mirrors to improve technique.

“I was at rugby training one day and noticed that although our team was scrummaging in matches, it was never practiced. Scrummage machines for adults could not be used because they were the wrong size and too heavy for under-age players,” he said.

Ronan has made it to the final of SciFest, a national competition for second level students … [Click to read the full story]