August 9, 2011

September 2010 heralded a new era in Desmond College with the introduction of TRANSITION YEAR – a year devoted to facilitating pupils learning of new skills, having new experiences, travel, teaching, improving their academic skills and encouraging personal and social development and it did exactly that this year!

The 16-strong cohort were enthusiastic and determined to get the most out of their year and on grad night they will be rewarded for their efforts with certification.

The class worked in close association with the Brothers of Charity and each student experienced work experience at the centre as well as organising events and fundraising for charity. This proved to be a personally rewarding and enriching experience for all involved with Claire Browne and Louise Copse particularly shining in their efforts.

Desmond College Transition Year 2011 Credit Union

The Desmond College Credit Union was launched in our school and a group of T.Y. were chosen to become the co-ordinators.

This inspired the group in marketing and administration with Danny O’Shaughnessy and Patrick O’Sullivan proving themselves to have an excellent appetite for this work.

The group participated in a parenting course, not withstanding the opportunity to take a “virtual baby” home for the night. Rachel O’Mahony and Rachel O’Sullivan really shone through in their caring attributes but were very glad to hand the baby back after their overnight.


The T.Y. programme has been crammed full of activities and events such as:

  • Lifesaving skills: Michael Costello and Katie Brislane were like fish in water.
  • Judo – did anyone inthe class imagine they would see Shauna Cronin and Patrick Quilligan wrestling?
  • Teaching in the Gaelscoil – Mairead Relihan and Sláine Healy show their outstanding teaching skills.
  • Young Scientist: Edel Copse and Sarah Enright our resident scientists
  • Mini-Companies: Alice Barrett and Gemma Lacey young entrepeneurs managing to sell hundreds of children’s colouring books.

TY 2011 Friends of the Brothers of Charity


What a great year” Mairead Relihan

Learned so much from all the different activities we did” Sláine Healy

Class year” Patrick O’Sullivan

Such a great time with the class (and the teachers too!)” Edel Copse

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