August 8, 2011


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Desmond College is now beginning another season of Chess: introducing newcomers to the game and training seasoned players for upcoming competitions with rival schools (not mentioning any names).

Once learnt, the game of Chess is a companion for life that is always ready to help you fight off boredom. It is also a unique link to all nationalities and cultures connecting people all over the globe through the confines of its rules.

The internet has revolutionised the game making it possible to challenge anybody anywhere and students in our school club have also taken to this method of practicing the game.

Not only does Chess help sharpen our thinking faculties and wit, it also provides a social link to people of varying ages. It isn’t every day a first year gets to beat a fifth year at something, however in chess this is possible and indeed on occasion has occurred in our club! (not mentioning any names).

If you want the challenge of learning the game or improving as a player join our club. All are welcome to our training sessions with Mr O’Rahilly held in room 4 every Thursday lunch time.



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In 2011, Desmond College had a Chess Team made up of 18 students from 1st year to 6th year.

Training sessions are often informal affairs with students challenging other students to games and even playing teachers the odd match. Occasionally we take it seriously, practicing strategies like “Scholars Mate” and “the weak F7 pawn” or openings like Roy Lopez in preparation for tournament games.

Speaking of which, we entered two teams into the County Chess tournament. Team A was captained by Kieran Hartnett and Team B by Robert Toomey.

We beat schools like Gealcholaiste Luimnigh and drew with Villers. Also as part of a JCSP activity we ran a chess initiative with Rang Bríd. The goal was to teach all of the class chess. Michael Bolger got very involved and resulted in representing the school on a county level. Due to this initiative we were able to renew our equipment and buy chess gadgets for our school.

If you are an aspiring chess grandmaster or you just would like to learn the rules please make contact with our resident coach Mr. Keith O’Rahilly.