September 1, 2023

Student: Vinnie Garcia

Title: Dyeing to look good.

Overview: Investigate the stated contents of make-up and face paints versus actual contents, to see if companies are hiding more that you’re imperfections

Student: Edel McMahon

Title: Upstairs/ Downstairs, enabling people to navigate stairs more easily.

Overview: Device that can be retrofitted to any standard stairs banister to enable elderly and those with mobility issues navigate the stairs with ease in safety.

Student: Madison Brouder

Title: Solution for adhesive capsulitis and other common shoulder complications.

Overview: Versatile device for shoulder/arms rehabilitation & exercise, it strengthens and improves a range of motions in the shoulder while providing feedback to user.

Students: Madison Reddin & Padraig Doherty

Title: A “Rubbish” Physics Project

Overview: Creative ways to encourage scientific exploration, using repurposed products and producing a user-friendly book, resource with step-by-step instructions for primary school students.

Students: Elissa Shiels & Caoimhe Greene

Title: Measure the speed of light using a microwave

Overview: To measure the speed of electromagnetic waves in the microwave portion of the spectrum by measuring the spacing between hot spots in a microwave oven.

Students: Ethan Kirwin and Jack Kelly

Title: Treatment of myocardial infarction using magnetic fields

Overview: Applying magnetic fields to blood flow to reduce blood viscosity and risk of blockages in blood vessels that can lead to myocardial infarction.