February 8, 2012

‘Get Fit & Beat the Bleep’ was a challenge for first year secondary students on The John Murray Show in association with Dublin City University. Our First Years were involved in this six week challenge which required students to take a ‘Bleep Test’, and undertaking special training to improve their fitness levels with Ms. Quaid, Ms. Ryan, and Mr. McCarthy. This challenge proved a worthwhile experience for all involved; the student’s fitness and health was seen to improve greatly over this six week period. Student’s truly witnessed the positive effects and enjoyment of an active lifestyle.

Students from Desmond College 2012 taking part in Operations Transformation Beat the Bleep


“On the 7th of February we did a ‘Bleep Test’ for the first time in school. It was very difficult without any previous training and the majority of us did quite badly – we needed to improve our fitness levels immediately!! We spent the next 6 weeks training by running on the Great Southern Railway Tracks twice a week and by having fitness classes in the school gym. The training started out with short slow runs but we built up speed and endurance, week by week. On the 27th of March we re-did the ‘Bleep Test’ and there was a huge improvement in our fitness levels. I found this experience very fulfilling and I had a great time in the training sessions.”