October 5, 2017

The Leaving Cert Geography class went on their Field Trip to the Burren as part of the Geographical Investigation element of the Leaving Cert course.

They analysed bedrock and landscape features of the Karst landscape. They were accompanied by Ms. Keane and Ms. Nash.

Sept 2017: Desmond College Leaving Certificate Geography students analysing the bedrock in the Burren
Leaving Cert Geography students analysing the bedrock in the Burren.

Sept 2017: Leaving Certificate Student from Desmond College Newcastle West enjoying their Trip to the Burren
Niamh O Connell enjoying her Geography trip to the Burren.

Sept 2017: Ms Pamela Nash, teacher in Desmond College Post Primary School, helping Geography Students read the direction of the gryke
Ms Pamela Nash helping Mary O Connor to read the direction of the gryke.

Sept 2017: A Desmond College Geography student recording data from their field trip to the Burren
Abigail Peck recording her data from her fieldtrip to the Burren.