January 16, 2012

Variety Show is on Thursday 26th January.

Competition on Friday 27th January.

Tickets are limited to two per student for Friday nights show, due to the huge demand.

Tickets €10 each.

by MC James Liston

The Desmond Factor is probably one of the highest profile events in the school year and it was a real honour when Mr. Casey asked me to present it.

I was really excited and a bit taken back as I wasn’t expecting it.

My co-host that night was Jessica Purcell and she was really calm and cool on the night and we’ve become great friends after the show just like all the cast have.

When the night came it was unbelievable. I had never been involved before so it was completely new to me but it was all class.

The crowd got it all from French raps to soulful singers to dancing divas. It was a really great night where evertyhing went right.

The crowd were brilliant.

The talent was unbelievable and we all knew why the judgest too so long. I could feel the crowd waiting impatiently for the result, but thankfully last year’s winner Leanne rescued us with an encore.

I really enjoyed the night and was delighted to present it. A big thanks to everyone who made it all happen. “Isn’t that right Ladies and Gentlemen?

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