November 21, 2015

2016 BT Young Scientist Profile: Leah Barry (Raheenagh), Aine Upton (Old Mill) & Muireann Tobin (Newcastle West)

Project Title:

Female Friendly Fone Alert System


Intermediate Technology Group

Students involved:

Leah Barry (Raheenagh), Aine Upton (Old Mill) & Muireann Tobin (Newcastle West).

Project Details:

Mobile phones were designed for men, several of the features such as the vibrate function were not designed with the female 50.4% of the population in mind.

80% of women carry their phones in their handbag/purse and miss over 50% of incoming calls on a daily basis, our project is to design a device that will alert you to incoming calls by adapting a handbag to vibrate and change colour whilst sending a signal to a key fob.