December 22, 2015

2016 BT Young Scientist Profile: Ciara Brouder and Victoria Brouder

Project Title:

That’s the Emji’s for you!!


Junior Behavioural Group

Students involved:

Ciara Brouder and Victoria Brouder

Project Details:

In response to this study The Minister for Education, at the time (2010) Ruairi Quinn, launched The National Strategy to Improve Literacy and Numeracy among children and Young People 2011-2020. This strategy aims to improve literacy skills among young people and the main target was to get in line with International standards.

With this strategy in mind and the growing popularity in the use of emoji among young people, we decided to carry out an investigation into the use of emoji to improve literacy skills among 2nd class students. Emoji is a fantastic tool for younger children who may not have a large vocabulary with which to express themselves when story writing.

Our study is based on a second class in a local primary school. We have received excellent assistance from the teacher. We also received permission from each of the children’s parents to participate in our project. We have introduced emoji flash cards to them and we have been getting them to describe what was being expressed in each flash card.

Our aim is to get to a stage where the kids can make up a story or summarise a nursery rhyme using emojis and analyse the pre and post test results.