December 21, 2015

2016 BT Young Scientist Profile: Niamh Liston and Hannah Barrett

Project Title:

A statistical analysis of the Syrian refugee crisis


Senior Behavioural Group

Students involved:

Niamh Liston and Hannah Barrett

Project Details:

This research will focus on why some EU countries will accept more refugees than others.

In order to answer this question we adopted a similar approach to Mori (2004) who developed an explanatory model as to why some countries admit higher numbers of refugees and asylum seekers.

Mori’s (2004) model suggests that a country’s economy, population density and democratic level are explanatory factors when analyzing the number of asylum seekers they accept. Using statistical quantitative analysis, we will test the impact of the above factors on the number of immigrants EU countries are willing to accept.

We devised a survey aimed at investigating the attitudes of some European citizens towards the refugee crisis that we will analyze using SPSS software.