October 20, 2016

Raising Awareness of the Paralympics and Paralympic Sport

1st and 2nd Years:
Kahoot Quiz on the Paralympics during SPHE class on week of 24th – 28th October 2016. FACTS ON THE PARALYMPICS are displayed on the library windows. Please try learn some facts for the quiz.

Oct 2016: Desmond College Post Primary School Newcastle West Students Practice some Sitting Volleyball during their Physical Education class
Desmond College Students Practice some Sitting Volleyball.

Oct 2016: Desmond College Post Primary School students play some blindfolded soccer during SPHE class
Desmond College students play some blindfolded soccer.

This is the second year that Desmond College, along with ten other schools, has been chosen to be involved in an exciting project with the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) and the University of Limerick. The project aims to inform future planning and assessment in Senior Cycle Physical Education.

A selection of students from this years 6th Year group are participating in a curriculum model called ‘Contemporary Issues in Physical Activity’ where students explore and reflect on their own experiences in sport but also on the broader local, national and international influences on participation and provision.

Students chose to research Paralympic Sports and learn about the challenges that people with disabilities face but also learn about the opportunities that people with disabilities can have when given access to and the opportunity to play adapted sports. The main theme of the project follows the theme of the Paralympic advertisement
“YES, I CAN!” ‘We are the Superhumans’:

  • Yes I can play sport once it is modified to allow us to;
  • Yes I can participate if I have access to and the opportunity to play;
  • Yes I can when attitudes are more positive and people are more aware of the opportunities for people with disabilities.

Over the course of six weeks sixth year students are taking part in a number of adapted sports, activities and Paralympic sports such as sitting volleyball, boccia, soccer, basketball and some blindfold games.

Students are creating awareness of the Paralympics around the school by posting Paralympic facts on the library windows in the main reception area so watch this space.

In particular first and second year students are being asked to take note of these facts as they will participate in a kahoot quiz on the Paralympics designed by the sixth years during SPHE class on the week of 24th – 28th October. A small prize will be given to the team who wins the quiz in each class.