Parents’ Association



All parents of Desmond College are welcome to join our Association. An AGM is held to vote and elect association members to the Parents’ Council.


This is a sub-committee of the association who administrate and communicate to the larger committee and school management.


Held on 1st Tuesday of the month with the Principal and Teacher Liaison Officer.


To make a meaningful contribution to our children’s education by supporting them through awareness initiatives and contributing to the development and renewal of school facilities.


We organise and facilitate activities in the school and local community each year to assist us in our school development program.


Our association acts as a support to the myriad of activities that take place in the school both curricular and extra curricular. Past activities have been a bursary to BT Young Scientist Students, TY Tours, Way of the Cross, Development of School Sports field and installation of new department equipment throughout the school.

We have also played an integral role in the development of a Healthy Eating policy School’s code of behaviour, Drug Awareness and Safe use of the Internet initiatives.

For further details please contact the school reception.

phone: 069 – 62205   email:


The Parents Association are:
Mairead Condon
Margaret Upton
Miriam Montgomery
Bill Cashin
Stephen Shepherd


We hope to meet you at Open Nights or Parent Teacher meetings to answer any questions about our activities.