The care of our students is of paramount importance to us and permeates throughout all aspects of school life. Each teacher as well as being a specialist in their own subject area is also sensitive to the needs of their students.

A Class Tutor system means each child is supported and encouraged to reach their full potential, academically and socially within the class group.  Each class is assigned a Class Tutor. As well as being a subject teacher of the class, this teacher will know each pupil personally and is charged with the overall conduct of the class.

He /She is familiar with the circumstances, progress and well-being of each pupil in their class group. Students are able to confide, trust and develop a healthy relationship with their class teacher.

Every effort will be made by teachers to facilitate and ease the transition from Primary to Second-level education.  We run a Transition Programme which supports First Years in their transition from primary to second level.  This transition is also eased by the support of our senior students from TY in the form of peer mentoring.

S.P.H.E., which is a life skills programme, enables students to develop social and personal skills. S.P.H.E. is a compulsory core subject for all junior students in Desmond College.

Our Pastoral Care provision is greatly enhanced by our team of qualified counsellors who support students in dealing with any emotional and/or behaviour concerns that occur.

For the majority of students, school life and growing up proves to be a relatively easy process.  However, for a small minority of cases, some students, for a variety of different reasons find that they are unable to deal with the many situations that arise for them in their lives.  Our STUDENT SUPPORT TEAM helps students in these situations and organises support for them, if necessary.

Friends For Life:

All First Year students complete a Friends For Life Programme. This empowers participants to cope with the emotions of themselves and others by engaging with positive thoughts, emotions and self-regulation strategies. The programme also teaches creative alternatives to solving problems that they would previously shied away from, fostering development and self-esteem. MOST importantly Friends For Life encourages smiling, happiness and bravery, and facilitates smooth transition into adolescence.