Cultural Awareness Week


Crocus Planting for Holocaust survivors on Friday 17th of October

Desmond College Students Planting Crocus for Holocaust Survivors October 17th 2014 Desmond College Students Planting Crocus for Holocaust Survivors on October 17th 2014 On October 17th Desmond College Students Planted Crocuses for Holocaust Survivors October 17th 2014 Planting of Crocuses for Holocaust Survivors On 17th October 2014 Desmond College students planted Crocuses for Holocaust Survivors


Language Fun at Open Night

Desmond College Open Night 9th October 2014: a bit of spanish fun! Desmond College Students Participating in some Language Fun at their Open Night on 9th October 2014 French Fun at the Desmond College Open Night 9th October 2014! Spanish Language Fun at Desmond College at the 2014 School Open Night


European Language Day Competition 2014



Second Year German Breakfast

selection of food at the german breakfast

the second year german class who organised and hosted the german breakfast with ms carol mccarthy and hanna hanna with german students at german breakfast ms carol mccarthy german teacher with hanna

The Second Year German class organised and hosted a german breakfast with German Teacher, Ms Carol McCarthy and German Language Assistant, Hanna Herlitzius.

German Language Assistant

Desmond College: German Assistant Hanna Herlitzius_
Hanna Herlitzius, a newly qualified English teacher from Munster in the Northwest of Germany is here with us in Desmond College for five months. She is meeting each class group once a week, which provides a great opportunity for the students to converse with a native speaker and develop their language skills. Hanna is also helping the students to better understand German culture, for example Christmas traditions in Germany, German music, festivals and food!

2nd Year Students Learning About Christmas Traditions in Germany and Sampling German Food

2nd Year students learning about Christmas traditions in Germany and sampling German food.

1st Year Students Singing German Folk Songs

1st Year students learning and singing German folk songs.


Winners of French Language Day Events

Desmond College French Quiz 2013 Desmond College French Quiz 2013 Desmond College French Quiz 2013

Second Year Quiz


Desmond College Poster Competition 2013 Desmond College Poster Competition 2013 Desmond College Poster Competition 2013

First Year Poster Competition


The Winners of The French Language Quiz and Poster Competitions 2013

All the Winners from the French Language Day Events


French Theatre

French Theatre Group at Desmond College

A French Theatre Group came to Desmond College.

The play was very successful and was enjoyed by all students. The students had the opportunity to actively participate in the play and each student that did take part did a fantastic job!

French Theatre Group at Desmond College French Theatre Group at Desmond College French Theatre Group at Desmond College French Theatre Group at Desmond College


French Buddy System

The French Buddy System is now set up in the school to promote speaking French. Miss Higgins’ 1st year group (1GC) and Ms Enright’s Transition Year group are involved in this programme.

Each week the 1st year students work on a folder with their link person; for example Week 1 included: Presenting themselves and their link person from TY.

By the end of the year, the 1st year students will have a folder full of the material that they have done with their link person (All in French).



The German Breakfast Morning

Frühstuck Von Deutschland

On the 18th January 2013, the students took part in the first ever German Breakfast morning in the school. The breakfast consisted of anything and everything from Schinken (Ham), Eier (eggs) to Schokoladen Kuchen (chocolate cake) und Kekse (biscuits)!

Desmond College German Breakfast Morning 2013

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students brought in some of their own homemade favourites and everyone listened to German music whilst tucking in!

Nathan Dunleavy made the student population aware of the event over the student intercom, Colm Copse and Tomas Mc Carthy decorated the room, whilst the 3rd year girls took care of the cutlery. The 5th year girls were in charge of the tea, coffee and hot chocolate, whilst the boys set the table. A team effort all round!

German Breakfast Morning 2013 in Desmond College

We’re already planning and looking forward to next year’s breakfast!


2011 – 2012

Multicultural Week

Desmond College students’ interest in International cultures and traditions is alive and active in the school, with the development of a new initiative, a week-long range of educational activities especially dedicated to Multicultural Studies.

Desmond College Multicultural Week

The brainchild of German and French teacher Ms. Meadhbh Nash and supported by many teachers, First year students explored, researched and made presentations on various different cultures and traditions.

Desmond College Students at Multicultural Week 2012

They enjoyed International cookery and tasting workshops, sports ‘country playoff’ matches and quiz competitions with a multicultural theme. The theme of the week helped develop students’ awareness, respect and inclusion of International cultures and traditions.

European Day of Languages 2011

This year for “The European Day of Languages” 2nd Year German students from Rang Bronna, Brendain & Barra took part in two competitions run by Leargas.

Students Participating in Student Day

They worked together to create two projects; a calendar that details the different languages present in Europe. Each month is dedicated to the history and language of a European country. The students researched these topics and came up with an image to represent each country as well as researching each country’s native language.

They also compiled a video clip of a classroom scene with each student displaying their German and acting skills. It was excellent and highly entertaining!


Journée Européenne des Langues 2011

First year students celebrating the European Day of Languages, Journée européenne des langues, 2011, on September 26th by setting up a “Boulangerie” in class and enjoying some delicious croissants and baked French delights!


Fair Trade

Fair-trade Limerick ran a Christmas Card Competition for Schools in the Limerick City & Country area. Students were asked to design a fair-trade Christmas card.

Fair Trade : Take a Step in 2012

Congratulates to Gavin Browne (3rd year) & Ciara Madigan (1st year) who were prize winners in their categories. The prize giving ceremony took place in Thomand Park in December, and it was attended by the Lord Mayor of Limerick and representatives from the Limerick Fair-trade committee.

On Friday, 23rd March 2012, Delores O’ Mara, Chairperson of the Limerick Fair-trade visited Desmond College and spoke to TY students about the Fair-trade initiative. She spoke about the Fair-Trade co-operative and helped the group register the school as a Fair-Trade School for 2012.

Fair Trade Competition Winners

Congratulations also to Michael Bolger & Thomas Moroney (2nd Year) who were both prize winners in the Limerick Fair-trade Poster Competition.


First Year Students, along with their German teacher Ms. Meadhbh Nash, organised an extremely successful Multicultural Week in Desmond College.

The week started with a presentation to the whole school, by two of the group, over the intercom system, where details of the week were outlined and the reasons why we, in Desmond College, believe it is important to celebrate the diversity of culturals who attend our school.

During the week students learned about and celebrated the different cultures, through talks and presentations, all given by the students themselves to their own peers.

The event encouraged a sharing of ideas, it helped cultural knowledge and understanding and helped to build confidence.

Students took part in Sports and Quiz events, and enjoyed a delicious food tasting afternoon- without doubt the most popular event with both staff and students! We are already looking forward to next year! Well done to all involved!

2010 – 2011

Desmond College students participating in Cultural Awareness Week