Book Rental Scheme

The provision of school text books can be a very costly burden on parents.  So in order to avoid the high cost of text books, we operate a Rental Book Scheme.

The scheme operates on the following basis:

  • Books are owned by the school
  • Students are required to keep the books in good condition
  • All books should be covered and the students should write their name neatly on the inside cover of each book
  • At year’s end books are returned back to the school for recycling
  • A mixture of second-hand and new books are used for each student
  • Books will be checked on an ongoing basis during the year to ensure that they are kept in good condition
  • Payment for the rental scheme is required

The cooperation of you, the parents / guardians, is essential to the success of our book rental scheme.

If any parent does not wish to pay for the Book Rental Scheme, they may contact the school for the book list and purchase their own.

Students are responsible for purchasing their own copies, biros, etc.

The Book Rental Scheme Coordinator is Ms. Edel Boohan.