Additional Education Needs

Desmond College is an inclusive school which welcomes all students including those with additional educational needs, in so far as the school can fulfill the needs of the student. It is our objective, having regard to the efficient use of resources, to provide equality of access for all.

It is our policy to meet with the parents/guardians of incoming students well in advance to assess their child’s particular needs and through Limerick and Clare ETB., to make early application to the Department of Education for appropriate resources.

Learning Support is provided in Mathematics and English by qualified teachers. Based on specific assessment, diagnosis is made of a student’s weakness and strengths. Individual Student Support Plans are designed to focus on each particular student’s needs. To maximise progress, provision is made for one-to-one or small group withdrawal. Team teaching is a valuable and integral part of our A.E.N. Programme.

Ongoing consultation with parents is available and ensures a comfortable environment where learning takes place and self-esteem is enhanced.

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Ms. Shirley Supple is our Additional Education Needs co-ordinator.