Updated Covid 19 Measures from Monday 28th February 2022

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Updated Covid-19 Measures from Monday 28 February 2022

Parents/Guardians and students are advised that the Government has accepted the recommendations of the NPHET to remove remaining restrictions relating to mask-wearing and physical distancing in schools.

Therefore, as students return to school after the midterm break on Monday, 28 February 2022, social distancing measures and face-masks will no longer be required in school settings.

Further details regarding the Government’s decision are available via the Information Note to schools from the Department of Education on their website.

Staying At Home If You Have Symptoms

The requirement to stay at home if you have symptoms remains – for students and staff alike. One of the key messages to manage the risks of COVID-19 is to do everything practical to avoid the introduction of COVID-19 into the school. If infection is not introduced it cannot be spread in our school.

Hand Hygiene

We will continue to promote good hygiene. Hand hygiene can be achieved by hand washing or use of a hand sanitiser (when hands look clean).  Funding from the DE will continue to issue to schools for the purchase of PPE, including  hand sanitiser, so all students and staff are expected to ensure that they practice good hand hygiene at all times.

Face Coverings/Mask Wearing

It is no longer a requirement for staff or pupils/students to wear a face covering/mask in school. However staff and students can continue to wear a face covering/mask if they wish to do so on a personal basis for their safety and/or safety of others. Our school will continue to make masks available on request, as we have been doing.  Funding to support the purchase of PPE, including masks, will continue to be made available to schools from the DE.

School Transport and Face Coverings/Mask Wearing

With effect from Monday 28 February the wearing of face coverings/masks on school transport will no longer be mandatory but will continue to be advised. All other measures relating to hygiene (including the provision of hand sanitiser  and additional cleaning of services) and pre-assigned seating will remain in place subject to further review.

Cleaning And Hygiene in Schools

The Department of Education has provided additional funding to schools to support the enhanced cleaning required to minimise the risks of COVID-19. This funding will continue for this academic year and will be reviewed in  advance of the start of the next school year.


Vourneen Gavin Barry


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