Make A Book


By Chloe O’Riordan

Someone special that I admire is my nana. She is 59 years old and she lives in Assumpta Park, Her name is Margaret

She is not very tall, she is thin, she still has no grey hair, and it’s completely brown. Her face is a small bit wrinkly but her hands are really wrinkly because she was involved in a car crash. She walks briskly but with a small limp, which she still has from the car crash

We always go swimming together, in Adare, but not as much anymore because she just recently had an operation on her back and was in hospital for a day and a half. Nana always makes apple tart and would make homemade soup sometimes. Whenever anyone ripped there pants or skirt or anything she would sew it back together. When I was in primary school she used to always pick me up after school. Nana works in a pub down town called “Ed Lynch’s Bar” she has been working there for the past 18 years

Sometimes Nana talks to herself but only if she is thinking about something or if she forgot something. Sometimes I would ask her about school and she would just say that she can’t remember or something. The only advice she ever gave me was “To make the right choices and be happy” I think this is really good advice, but I think that she didn’t really enjoy school. I have a lot of fun with my Nana

The day of my confirmation, The 30th of May 2014 my Nana was my sponsor, as well as being my godmother and having my middle name as Margaret. I choose my Nana to be my sponsor because we were always very close when I was growing up and we still are. When the mass was over we had photos taken outside the front of the church, which took about half an hour. Afterwards we went to Shanagolden, to the old stand. We all sat around a table and my Nana sat beside me we talked about how the day was going and am I enjoying it. It was a really nice day and the weather was roasting.

This year for my Nana’s birthday we decided we would do something special, we decided that we would throw her a surprise party with me my 2 aunts, my mom, my brother. We all arrived at the house at around quarter to 7 because she was still at mass and we had to prepare everything before she came home we had to prepare the cake, secret Santa. When she came home we all hid in the porch and my brother answered the door. When she came in we all roared “SURPRISE!!” Later on my uncle and Aunt-in-law and cousin came to give her, her present.

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