BT Young Scientist 2016 Project Profile (7/15)

2016 BT Young Scientist Profile: Siun Ni Cheallaigh (Newcastle West), Roisin Nolan (Kilcoleman) and Alanna Slater (Newcastle West)

Project Title:

Development of a natural PH indicator to detect spoilage in milk.


Senior Mathematical Physical Group

Students involved:

Siun Ni Cheallaigh (Newcastle West), Roisin Nolan (Kilcoleman) & Alanna Slater (Newcastle West)

Project Details:

Have you ever gone to the fridge to get some milk for your cereal only to find it was gone off but only after you poured it all over the last bowl of cornflakes? Well, as our research discovered, it is a common occurrence despite best before dates. What is required is a visual indicator as to the condition of the milk.

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