BT Young Scientist 2016 Project Profile (1/15)

Project Title:

Radio frequency identification device (RFID) system to prevent mis-fueling of vehicles
2016 BT Young Scientist Profile: Shauna Hallinan. RFID System to Prevent Mis-Fueling of Vehicles.


Senior Technology Individual

Students involved:

Shauna Hallinan (Ashford Parish)

Project Details:

A device that emits a visual and audible signal in the event of attempt to introduce an incorrect fuel pump nozzle into a fuel port.

Filling a vehicle fuel tank with an incorrect fuel type is an error that occurs regularly. At best this error results in a situation where the mistake is recognised on the forecourt and the fuel can be pumped out of the tank without damage to the engine. This incurs costs in terms of payment for the removal of the fuel from the tank but also in terms of time lost and refuelling costs, this project proposes to resolve this.

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